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Oil Trading And Bunkering Services

In 2015, our subsidiary, Selatan Bunker (M) Sdn Bhd, commenced oil trading and bunkering via a collaboration agreement with Tumpuan Megah Development Sdn Bhd. In 2016, Selatan Bunker (M) Sdn Bhd obtained the Petroleum Development Act License from Malaysia’s Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumerism.

Bunkering services refers to the provision of marine fuels to ships, as well as other ocean faring vessels, such as oil tankers, container vessels, cargo vessels, cruise ships and ferries, as well as vessels utilised in the upstream oil and gas industry such as offshore support vessels, submersible and semisubmersible rigs and FPSO vessels. Bunkering can be broadly categorised into onshore bunkering and offshore bunkering, whereby marine fuel is typically pumped into vessels by refuelling vessels barges, product tankers or another ship in harbours, close to shore, or in open waters. Onshore bunkering involves the transfer of marine fuels on a shore-to-ship basis from an onshore facility, whereas offshore bunkering involves the transfer of marine fuels on a ship-to-ship basis.

Bunkering is essentially a marine logistics business, where industry growth is dependent on the volume of marine fuels distributed to end-users, which include amongst others, oil and gas vessels, marine cargo and bulk transporters, military and navy vessels. Thus, growth in global trade and marine transportation, increased activities in the upstream oil and gas industry, and supporting government policies will positively impact the bunkering services industry, benefiting industry players that offer bunkering services.

We currently own two vessels, namely Straits I and Sturgeon. We will continue to expand our fleet to fulfil business requirements and to best support customer needs.

Selatan Bunker (M) Sdn Bhd principally operates from the Pasir Gudang Port and Tanjung Pelepas Port.

Bunkering Services


Straits Group provides oil trading & bunkering services via its subsidiary, Selatan Bunker (M) Sdn Bhd. Under the Collaboration Agreement, Selatan Bunker (M) Sdn Bhd and Tumpuan Megah Development Sdn Bhd agreed to jointly explore and develop the business of carrying out the provision of bunkering services for marine fuel, petroleum and petroleum-based products, comprising the operation as well as marketing and sales of bunkering services.

Selatan Bunker (M) Sdn Bhd is responsible for the sourcing and sale for the marine fuel, petroleum and petroleum-based product, where these products are sourced from Singapore and local supplier, and are supplied to ships off the ports for their own use. On the other hand, Tumpuan Megah Development Sdn Bhd is responsible for providing warehouse management expertise and logistics facilities which include shipping the products directly from the suppliers and delivering these products directly to the customers, with a service fee being levied on customers.

Straits Group offers the following bunkering services

Oil Trading And Bunkering Services
Delivery Services


With our existing PDA license and port licenses, we have the ability and flexibility to supply bunker products to multiple locations in Malaysia such as the Kemaman Supply Base (KSB), Asian Supply Base (ASB), Johor Port and MMHE Shipyard. This allows us to optimize our delivery schedule and provide prompt turnaround for our bunker vessels, thereby benefitting our customers.

Marine Gas Oil (also known as Euro 2M)

Oil Trading And Bunkering Services

Marine Fuel Oil

Oil Trading And Bunkering Services
Service Operations


Oil Trading And Bunkering Services

With the ability to be able to supply at various points, we are able to offer and supply bunker fuels and lubricants that cater to the specific needs of our customers at competitive rates.

• Anchor Handling Tug Vessels
• Accomodation Work Barges
• Bulkers
• Crew Boats
• Chemical Tankers
• Container Liners
• Drill Ships
• Dredgers
• Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading Vessels (FPSOs)
• Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Tankers
• Navy Vessels
• Offshore Oil Rigs
• Offshore Supply Vessels
• Tugs and Barges
• VLCC stands for Very Large Crude Carrier

Strong Asset Fleet


Over the years, Straits Group has built its vessel asset strength. Presently, Straits Group has nine Malaysian flagged vessels, namely Straits 1, Sturgeon, MT Straits 3, MT Dolphin 1, MT Phoenix, MT Oscar, MT Omura, MT Escolar, and MT Cavalla. These licensed vessels are under Straits Group’s subsidiaries, Selatan Bunker (M) Sdn Bhd and Tumpuan Megah Development Sdn Bhd, and range from 500 deadweight tonnage to 4,700 deadweight tonnage.

Straits Group places emphasis on maintaining up to date licences for its vessels, especially licences under Malaysia’s Control Supply Act. Straits Group is licensed to operate bunkering and barging operations at Kemaman Port, Kuantan Port, and Labuan Port, and also has the requisite PETRONAS licence to serve the oil and gas industry in Malaysia.

Straits Group’s vessels are managed by Skips Marine Services Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based marine service operator. These vessels have been maintained to Classification standards and they follow strictly to Malaysian Maritime Laws.


Oil Trading And Bunkering Services


Oil Trading And Bunkering Services